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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 26, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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celebrating. a mother talks only with abc 7 news about how she protected her children when bullets ripped through an east bay church service on christmas eve. plus 7 on your side's michael finney will help you devise a financial plan for your taxes in the event we plunge over the
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good evening. i'm dan ashley. after days of rain it was a real mixed bag today. some rain, some clouds, some sun. we are still drying out from the christmas day drenching and let's check in with abc 7 news meteorologist lisa argen.
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nice to get a break. how long will it last? >> as the day went on things sunnier and dryer. cleared out of the south bay last. a live look at live doppler 7hd. all is clear right now. talking about partly cloudy skies and the numbers are dropping quickly tonight. so just a few showers continuing to spots of the salinas landscape. otherwise we are looking at the big rainfall from the north bay from san rafael and even san francisco an inch of rain in the pastth hours. is further to the east a third in liver move. about the same napa and up to the north, not too much in santa rosa. skies cleared. talking about patchy frost in napa and sonoma and we will give you the numbers and outlook when the run returns coming up in the seven day outlook. >> you saw from the map mr. how much rain fell in the north bay. while the break is nice there are still worries in the north bay about the threat of mud slides and weakened trees.
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cornel has the store arery now from mill valley. >> tree crews say it is not what they wanted for christmas. so much work they can barely keep up. a family snapped a picture east after a 50 feet tree blocked the road. >> when i saw it, it was like a massive just like mess so i was kind of like shocked. >> arborists say storms weakened the earth and created danger for the public. >> how saishow saturated is th? >> 100%. a lot of rain and moisture. weak ones are falling over. >> tree crews still removing this 70-year-old tree blocking a driveway. so much water coming off the mountains in mill valley it is creating a spectacle and a lot of worry for firefighters. >> we are concerned about the stability of the earth. >> reporter: the chief and his
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crews are watching the hills for any signs of trouble. in 2006, one mill valley neighborhood was evacuated and a man killed after a wall of mud equaling ten dump truck loads swallowed this hill side home. the chief says sometimes mother nature gives warning signs. >> leaning posts, trees, telephone poles, walls, all those things when it they lean over can show you that the earth is unstable and could give way. >> reporter: but today as storm clouds parted mill valley found itself at the end of the rainbow. a lot of folks around here would like to see more rain bows and fewest storms. the latest update hills and valleys around mill valley remain stable. check out the ureport video. the saturated ground weakened this huge eucalyptus tree toppled over this morning. this blocked all four lanes of the road and took down a power line causing some outages.
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no one was hurt. and sky 7 hd captured tree trimming crews removing this tree after some fell across power lines with a police car parked below. again no, injuries reported. cleanup going slower than expected on the big rock slide that closed part of highway 1 south of big sur. boulders on the road and damaged pavement have both directions closed from big sur in south. because the slide area remains active cal trans will strictly control one lane opening at 8 a&m, noon and then at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow in order to allow cars and bicycles to pass. in ease palo alto water district worker keeping a close eye on the san franciscoite creek. it caused the evacuation of 7 homes and a levy leaked. repairs made to the levy and so far so good. >> looking fine as long as we don't get more are precipitation. we are not anticipating any
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more downpours at this point. we are just assess ising damage at this point in time. >> people who live in the area say it happens all of the time. city officials are aware and hope a publi public works projt scheduled for the spring will fix things once and for all. go to the sierra. a few view you from a cal trans camera at highway 50 at meyers. ski resorts reporting they were busy for the christmas holiday and hope to repet it for new year's. here is a look at conditions on i-80 where chains are required. snow showers will continue through the night. the chp ised a siding drivers in the area to be patient and take it slow. the snow pushed california snow pack well above normal levels. the state department of water resources say that early readings indicate that the water content of the snow pack is 146% above normal for this time of year. the first official snow survey
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is scheduled for next week. the snow pack usually provides a third of the water we use so it is critically important. the department says the early storms have also replenished many of of the state's reservoirs as well. so, a reminder stay with abc 7 news for are continuing coverage on our winter storms. you can track the wet weather any time with live doppler 7hd at we will keep you up to date. moving on to other news. the health of former president george h.w. bush is a growing concern tonight. he was transferred to the intensive care unit. he has been at the medical center since last month because of a chronic cost. recently he has been fighting a high fever. this morning he was put on a liquids only diet. >> things are going well. we are obviously hoping but the medicines and treatments can help him turn things around.
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>> former first lady barbara bush spent christmas by mr. bush side and former president george w. bush his son is expected to visit in the coming days. well, in the east bay an oakland mother is recovering after being hit bay stray bullet while attending christmas church services. and she spoke exclusively with abc 7 news reporter nick smith from her hospital bed. >> i looked back and i saw a bullet coming at my son's head and i threw myself over my son. >> maria spoke to me from her hospital bed after a night at church took a violent turn and left her seriously he wounded. >> we were at church with my daughter and some people passed by shooting at the church. >> reporter: her pastor was telling the story about the birth of christ when out of no where he heard. >> boom, boom, boom, boom. i was scared. i said to people -- said go down. as fast as you can.
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>> reporter: at least four bullets pierced through the walls and directly in the path of parishonners. she moved quickly but her instincts to shield her children put her in the direct path of one of of the bullets. >> i got shot in the lung and it injured my intestine and my stomach. >> reporter: there were more than 100 parishonners attending a christmas worship service. most duck for cover. >> i threw myself down and got in front so a bullet come here and hit here. >> reporter: shell casings can still be found outside church. a sobering reminder that violence can happen anywhere at any time. >> i tell the people stay close to god because you never know. >> reporter: mmaria will need two more surgeries for her injuries. the reverend say is he has no plans on leaving the area, most of the parishonners live
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nearby. the police investigation continues. the san francisco woman charged with killing a pa december treian during a hit-and-run was studying to a police officer. see is accused of being drunk behind the wheel and taking off after plowing a car into a group of pedestrians next week. if she makes bail she must have an alcohol detecting device placed on her body and stop driving. a u.s. postal work fresh san bruno under arrest for stealing thousands of pieces of mail and using stolen credit cards. the police say that romeo natan stashed bags of mail in his home to find unused credit cards. he was cause outing credit cards and accused of giving others to friends. he faces up to seven years in prison for identity theft and
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possession of stolen property. coming up, a deadly snowstorm that pounded the midwest is is on the move tonight. the latest on its path. and dramatic images as nearly three dozen tornadoes tear up parts of the south. you will hear from a woman who found herself trapped in the middle of the storm. also a story of bad luck that turned into good fortune and a
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much of the nation is still realing from a powerful storm that has left some of the midwest under whiteout conditions and sparked dozens of tornadoes in the southeast. >> he, my god, we need to go. we need to hour arer hurry up t past here. >> it struck christmas night in texas, alabama and mississippi. a record 34 tornadoes touched down yesterday. they tore into buildings and knocked down power lines and not everyone was able to get to safety. >> i made it out there through the rain and after the tornado was over and it started jerking us and spinning us. >> oh, wow. oh, jesus, look at that tornado. >> at least two deaths are
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blamed on the storm. a state of emergency has been declared in mississippi because of the damage. and that winter storm system that pounded the nation's mid section is now headed toward the northeast. forecasters expect up to a foot and a half of snow through new york and new england over the next 24 hours or so as a mighty nor'easter bears down. the powerful storm left a mess in the deep south as you saw including the tornado damage in alabama and record snowfall in arkansas. tens of thousands throughout the south and midwest still without power. more than 1400 flights canceled as of this evening and travelers are advised that it is delegate to get worse. the storm system has already been blamed for at least six deaths. the nasty weather is causing chaos in the skies with flyers seeing huge delays in more than 1300 flights already canceled. tonight listen to one pilot as he apologizes for something that he couldn't even control. here is abc 7 news reporter lisa stark. >> reporter: for tens of thousands of travelers
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scrambling to get home any holiday cheer is gone. frustration even boiling over in the cockpit. one american airlines pilot talking to passengers was clearly fed up after nearly five hours onboard waiting to take off. >> it is beyond reroach. i have no words to tell you how sorry i am for all of this. this is way above our heads and obviously in my humble opinion the people don't have a clue what they are doing. >> the flight from dallas who las vegas never got off the ground. now, lots of delays here and our bill weir was stuck on a flight at laia. he tweeted toilet clogged. passengers need lots of patience. on thursday already 100 nights canceled for thursday. nor expected, the advice as
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always, check with your airline before you head to the airport. lisa stark, abc news, regan national airport. as you remember if you were with us last night the stormy weather created delays and cancellations at sfo yesterday. tonight there are no major problems to report at any bay area airports but that is not the case in any parts of the country. if you are flying back some where or waiting for someone to come bepatient because they could be delayed. lisa it in for spencer christian and we need this break. >> that is the key that we had the breaks. once again, looking at sunshine on tap for tomorrow but tonight with some clearing we will get into some very chilly conditions. in fact, patchy frost not out of the question for sonoma and napa and already looking at fog out by the delta. a live look outside from and you can see it is clear in spots but there is some fog. live doppler 7hd we showed you
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how things have really settled down significantly. a sweep on top of mount st. helena once again providing us with the earliest anticipation of the rain by friday. a good 24-30 hour break to come. in fact, the next system looks to be pretty weak. so what rain we do see is going to be concentrated in a narrow band. i will show you that in just a moment. right now 39 with fog by the delta. 49 san francisco. 50 in redwood city. the winds now are up. so that is going to keep the temperatures in the 40s for the next couple of hours but we do anticipate winds to back off. sonoma and napa dropping off into temperatures right above freezing. west winds gusting to 22 at te airport. novato, 26. and at the coast north wind at 29. napa sonoma could see a little bit of frost. otherwise patchy fog and sunshine on top tomorrow. a cool day. still in a northwest flow. numbers in the mid 50s but we
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will see rain returning to the north by friday and then much of the bay wet overnight friday. we have the 30s from napa, santa rosa. a little wind should keep the numbers up in san francisco and oakland. a few clouds around as well. 41 san jose with 40 in half moon bay. 39, though, santa cruz. definitely chilly coast. so that area of low pressure the pop-up showers that we had throughout the afternoon quickly scooted off to the east and most of the precipitation running parallel to the coastline and we have weak high pressure off shore that is going to build on in' louing for a break in the rain. sunshine after some of that fog burns back but it will be cool. so have a long ways to go tomorrow to reach highs. highs in the low to mid 50s. here is a look at the rain forecast. you will notice by 5:00 on friday we will still dry. the overnight hours that we begin to see more significant rain. here it is 9:00. you can see a good chunk of the
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bay area look at precip. look at what happens by 2 a&m. a heavier band of rain from map pa, fairfield westward into san francisco and along the coast but that quickly pushes to the east and by early morning saturday we are behind the system and we will see some showers but notice the colder air moving in to lake county. the temperatures definitely taking a hit and we will see some cooler conditions with this next little rainmaker. but by 3:00 on saturday, just scattered showers. rainfall amounts through saturday mostly in and around the san francisco peninsula area should be the big winners with the half inch to three quarter inch except in the suze santa cruz mountains where we usually see the most. high temperatures tomorrow ranging from the upper 40s far to the north. chilly there. 53 downtown with 54 san jose. out towards livermore the mid 50s and down by the monterey bay temperatures fairly uniform. mid 50s there as well.
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here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. so we will see the rain come in late on friday. much of it through the overnight hours into saturday. and then look at that, sunday looks sunny. new year's eve looking good. but you by middle of next week we could see a little bit of rain. looks like a more significant break coming our way. >> i like it. >> yes. >> thanks, lisa, very much. just ahead, a mixup that brings good fortune. a small slip by a store clerk makes a family millionaires. we'll have that story. >> an act orwho plays a doctor on television wants to get into the coffee business in real
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tio2 he that has reached a settlement in a case involving hundreds of lawsuits over
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acceleration problems. an attorney says it is worth more than $1 billion and the largest settlement in u.s. history involving automobile defects. toyota recalled more than 14 million vehicles world wide because of scinta sell rations in several models. despite the recalls toyota is set to overtake general motors and reclaim the world's biggest automaker title for 2012. it lost the top spot when sales and production were hit by japan's earth and tsunami last year. federal regulators deciding whether to make airlines reveal the cost to you for backage and other fees. consumer advocates complain it is getting harder to know the true prices of air fares to compare it it with other are airlines. airlines don't want passengers to buy tickets based on price alone. they want to offer customized
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fair packages instead. an actor known by many fans as mick cream with wants to get into the coffee business. patrick dempsey is leading a group attempting to by tully's coffee. they filed for bankrupt cipro tex in october. tellly has 47 company run stores in washington and california and 58 licensed locations in the united states. is more than 500 employees work for tully's nationwide. dempsey says he is is excited about the chance to help hundreds of workers. a bankruptcy court hearing is set for january 11 in seattle so we'll see if mcdreamy ends up in the coffee business. a new hampshire family became instant millionaires over the holiday because of a mistake by a store cashier. the bennett family celebrated their good fortune this week. they won $1.3 million in the mega bucks lottery. it wasn't supposed to happen. scott went to a hillsborough circumstance isle k to purchase a lucky for life ticket but the
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cashier hit the wrong ticket and gave him a mega bucks ticket instead. >> he had the website on the computer and was staring at both of them and really truly didn't believe it. >> the cashier says she is thrilled with the mistake and the family is thinking about giving her a nice reward for her lucky bit of carelessness. that is a break and a half. >> the nation's largest coffee chain is delivering a message to congress on your coffee cup. that's ahead. but -- the federal fiscal cliff is just days away. so what if we fall off? i'm michael finley. ahead on 7 on your side i will show you how to make the most out of an uncertain financial future. >> also here tonight, gun owners say they are being targeted in new york. a news paper article that
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at the nation's capitol senators will meet tomorrow in ongoing effort to avoid the fiscal cliff. president obama is about to end his family vacation in hawaii and will arrive in washington early tomorrow to deal with the tax increases and spending cuts that are due to take effect next week. no official fiscal cliff negotiations between republicans and democrats have been scheduled. not a great deal of progress. with the government right on the edge now of that fiscal cliff, taxpayers are facing a lot of uncertainty as we head into the new year and for many of us the usual year-end financial strategies simply may not apply this year. 7 on your side's michael finney sorts out some of the confusion. >> reporter: when it comes to year end finances the old rules
9:32 pm
may not add up this year. >> it is difficult to do any type of tax planning and advising because nobody really knows exactly what is going to happen. >> much of the uncertainty centers around whether the united states is about to fall off that a fiscal cliff. if that happens, that would mean the end of the temporary payroll tax cuts. even if that doesn't happen, most believe taxes will go up next year. >> one of the things that is being floated right now is people are advising people to get out of dividend paying funds, high dividend yield funds and move more into tax exempt bonds and things like that that won't be taxed. >> reporter: the current budget negotiations between president obama and house speaker john boehner also could mean the reduction of the popular deduction for charitable contributions. >> if it came to the point where i wasn't receiving my credit for helping out a charity or even helping them out in their situation then why would i even help them out?
9:33 pm
>> statements like that that has the chief eck eastboundtive officer of the united way of the bay area and other nonprofits fighting to retain charitable deductions. >> it would be a big mistake to think this is only a benefit for high income people. there are many donors who itemize their taxes and they take advantage of the charitable tax deduction and they include very middle income people. >> reporter: also on the table is the possible elimination of the mortgage deduction. >> if that were to happen eventually i think that would have to be phased out over a long period of time. >> i think it encourages people to buy houses versus renting. and if they were lower the mortgage rate reduction, people will think twice. >> cpa mark britton thinks it is a good time to it refinance if you still have 15-20 years left on the mortgage. >> an interest rate drop could make a significant difference
9:34 pm
in the total amount that you pay over the length of the mortgage. >> michael finley reporting. starbucks is using its coffee cups to encourage both sides to come to an agreement. they are asking employees at cafes in washington, d.c. to write something other than customer names on the cups. it wants workers cribble the words come together. a gun buyback event in los angeles called a huge success tonight. people in their cars lined up for miles to turn in firearms. the event is held once a year and usually takes place in the spring but the l.a. mayor moved it it up to take advantage of the outrage against the connecticut school massacre. the city gave away up to $200 in grocery gift cards. some people in new york meantime are furious after a journalist published the names of thousands of people who have gun per are mitts as well as their addresses with a google
9:35 pm
link to their homes. reporter stacey sager from our sister station in new york has the story tonight from white plains. >> reporter: do you have a right to know if your neighbor has a gun? new york state law permits it. >> not only is it okay but disclosure of the name and home address of every firearms licensee in new york has been a matter of public record for years. >> the journal news published this interactive map a point and click and you can figure out the names and addresses of thousands of people who legally own guns in west chest ever and rockland counties. dominik sputo was stunned when everyone who lived near him know that he is a red dot on the map. >> i may have some neighbors that don't look in favor of gun owners and may feel threatened by having a neighbor with guns in their house. >> reporter: and the backlash from gun owners getting more bitter. on the newspaper facebook page
9:36 pm
this comment "nice going idiots you made every nongun owner a sitting duck and target for criminals." some tell us they want the information. especially after what happened in newtown. >> maybe we could share, i could shed light on a situation if that person acts a little odd at least we know that that person owns a gun and could let someone else know. >> reporter: the newspaper saying "frequently the work of journalists is not popular. we knew publication of the database would be controversialle but you we felt sharing information about gun permits in our area was important in the aftermath of the newtown shootings ." the newspaper also says the author of the article himself has a permit for a gun. well, if you don't quite understand facebook's privacy policy you are not alone. it is likely that a member of
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mark zuckerberg's family changed her settings
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christmas is is over and retailers are reeling over holiday sales that missed the mark. growth expected to be 2 to 3% higher than last year, instead, sales grew less than 1%. disappointing for retailers. abc 7 news business and technology reporter david louie on the story now in san jose. >> the disappoint oing growth in retail sales is very likely tied to more kir conservative gifting this year. >> i got smaller gifts that meant more. >> mother nature dealt retailers a number of blows including blizzards and hurricane sandy.
9:41 pm
major events that can keep shoppers away. the bay area was spared disasters and was boosted by good economic news. higher median home prices and low unemployment. >> i would anticipate that certainly the bay area retail sales will be significantly above the national average. >> reporter: the executive director of santa clara university retail management institute. with national numbers showing the slowest growth in four years retail chains may pull back plans to expand. could impact hiring. retailers like consumers are also waiting to see if washington can resolve the impasse on a tax and budget plan. >> when there is that uncertainty they will be more are conservative in investments and inventory and new store growth. we are certainly going to have indications of what direction we are going i would think in the next few weeks. hopefully in the next few days. >> reporter: uncertainty among
9:42 pm
retailers can have a ripple effect on other sectors of the economy. next month is when toymakers for example start hawking new lines for next christmas. apparelmakers won't be far behind. both need long lead times for manufacturing and delivery in time for fall and next christmas. bay air shoppers seem to have confidence lacking in other parts of the country. >> we are in silicon valley and people have money here regardless of what is going on everywhere else. >> and home prices are rebounding so you think that gives people confidence to spend? >> i think so. >> shoppers may also be impacted by slower sales growth. retailers may have to raise prices in report order to eek out a product or conversely keep offering discounts just to bring in shoppers. san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. the oldest sister of facebook ceo mark zuckerberg found herself in a bit of online privacy breach. this was posted on her facebook
9:43 pm
profile over the holidays. someone she didn't know saw it and sent it out to more than 40,000 twitter followers. zuckerberg said it was meant for are facebook friends and not to be distributed. she said it is not about private settings it it is about human decency. randy zuckerberg is the former head of marketing for facebook. we can all relate to having a bad day at work. take a look at this. this may be one of the worst on record and the driver of this bus was just following orders. the story behind this wet ride, that is up next. also ahead the surprising gifts to an east bay man after he found a message in a bottle. stay with us. abc 7 news at 9:00 continues
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here is a bad day. this happened in san diego. the driver of a 40-foot long bus was on his route but he missed a turn. he called dispatch and was told to turn on this to road when drove into a sinkhole. he was able to drive out of the bus through a window. he was not hurt and there were no passengers inside. a water main break created the sinkhole that was the size of the large swimming pool and it it just swallowed up much of the bus. an east bay man sent a message in the bottle with a promise to give a gift to the finder. a homeless man discovered the bottle and it took the sender on a journey that he never could have imagined. abc 7 news reporter keira clapper has the story. >> dan jones is spending his day after christmas tenning to give. a brand new coat and warm lunch to a homeless man he will call joe. >> i really appreciate this. you know, i really do. it is a god send. >> it came from a little idea
9:48 pm
dan had on december 2. he wanted to give someone and their family a christmas gift. he put a message in a bottle with a note for whoever found it to text him. >> i flung it in the creek. >> it traveled a a few miles eventually handling in this creek. jay was back here looking for recycling bottles to trade for money. he says he has never found such a valuable bot. >> it has a note in it and it says. >> you still have it? >> yes, i carry it it. >> i asked them instead of the tickets if i could get some food. >> dan and his friends given more than just food. new shoes, warm coats and christmas party leftovers and even secured a used bicycle for jay but you someone stole it christmas night. >> a lot of the story breaks my heart. what are you going to do. all you can do is the best you you can do. >> dan needs help to get jay back on his feet. he doesn't want a handout.
9:49 pm
he wants a chance. >> it is hard for me to accept things from people because i don't call people up every time i'm hungry or do this or that. i will bust my butt and go recycle or i will look around town and see if anybody needs any side jobs done. >> five days away from his 28th birthday and from 2013 jay's wish is to get the opportunity to do just that. in concord, abc 7 news. just wants a bit of a hand. if you can offer employment to jay contact dan jones. he will not accept cash donations. just a job. temporary or otherwise. we have his information on our website. go to and click on see it on tv. we will follow up and let you know how jay does. >> abc 7 news received some great pictures after the storm. look at this. one viewer september us the picture of a double rainbow in mountain view and charlie sent us this picture of a beautiful rainbow over martinez this morning with a caption what a way to start the day.
9:50 pm
ionized. send video or pictures to ureport @ or share them on facebook or twitter page. as we talk about weather go back and update the forecast. lisa is here. >> it would be nice to see more blue sky and that is on tap for the short-term. right now, temperatures dropping through the 40s. so, with a little bit of clearing and some winds dying back it is going to it be a chilly night tonight. 45 in napa right now as well as santa rosa with numbers in and around 50 degrees from redwood city to oakland and half moon bay. winds up and feeling a little breezy but you we will look for a chilly night. toll morning sonoma and napa could see a little bit of patchy frost. much of the precipitation has died down across the state. and we have high pressure building in but if you are traveling we have got a major
9:51 pm
snowstorm developing throughout much of the northeast. in fact, looks like tomorrow the great lakes lake effect snow getting going into the northeast and temperatures bitter cold into the northern plains while the southeast and the west get a break. locally we'll look at a few more snow showers in the sierra, nevada, overnight tonight but otherwise just numbers dropping through the teens there. a chill. >> night. high of just 30 tomorrow. if you are headed to the mountains bundle up. 54 big sur and temperatures tomorrow in a narrow range from the lower 50s. going to be a cold start with 52 in vallejo and 55 palo alto. 54 san jose. enjoy the sun tomorrow. we'll see more sunshine in the south bay on friday. increasing clouds in the north bay. rain moves in late. a rainy overnight and saturday mid day and a then we will see another nice break sunday. new year's eve, new year's day nice and maybe more rain by the middle of next week. we need a break. >> we need a break. lisa, thanks very much. sports director larry beil is
9:52 pm
off and ric rick kwan in tonigt with all of the sports. >> several niners named in the probowl. the rosters named today and we will let you know who made it from the 49ers and raiders and the warriors try bounce back from look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options,
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coming up tonight, lost wedding ring. a chain installer finds a ring but not the owner. how you can help rejoin them. the three women who walked into a store with empty bags and what police say they were after. those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. rick here with all of the sports. warriors on the road tonight. >> after a few days off back on the court tonight. the last time the warriors played they blew a 14 point lost in overtime.ead to the tonight in utah they would finish the job. salt lake city looking festive and bright for the holidays. the warriors looking good themselves. jeff curry picks up the loose
9:56 pm
ball and drives for two of his game high 23 points. david lee another strong game. the upfake and nothing but net. had 18 points and 9 board. the holiday spirit lost for a moment in the second quarter. words and a lot of pushing but you nobody was ejected. golden state starts to pull away in the third. curry to thompson for the hoop and foul. the free throw upped the lead to 13 check out the drive by curry. goes behind the back and drops it in off the glass. he also had 8 rebounds and 7 assists. 94-83 the final. the warriors improve to 19-10. with mario manning ham out for the is season with a knee injury it appears the niners will activate locket or hall from the practice squad. both saw playing time in the nfl last year. even with the mounting injuries, san francisco is a 16.5 point favorite to beat arizona on sunday. are the the cardinals lost ten of their last 11 and will have
9:57 pm
the former patriots backup quarterback making his first start. >> all professionals there. we played against this team three times and we know what they are capable of. sometimes in a game like this anything goes and they going to -- their mindset will be to win the game. you you have to be ready and alert for just about anything. could be a new quarterback. could be a new offensive system. anything is possible. >> if the 49ers win and green bay loses at minnesota san francisco will capture the nfc west and get a first round buy. the niners tied a franchise record by having nine players selected to the plow bowl. bowman, frank gore, guard mike dupati and ail done smith. justin smith. offensive tack the joe staley.
9:58 pm
dante whiter in and patrick willis. for the first time since 2003 the raiders did not have a player make the probowl. speaking of oakland, still no decision on who will start at quarterback in the sunday season finale at san diego. both matt leinart and durrell prior practiced with the first time offense today but leinart did take the majority of the reps. tomorrow in the nation's capital san jose state takes on bowling green in the military bowl. kickoff is is noon pacific time. the 24th ranked spartans come in riding a six game winning streeks. david tails has been sensational throwing for almost 38-yards and 31 touchdowns. san jose can move it on the ground behind estrich. what can the spartans expect from bowling green? >> good defensive football team. i watched them on tape a little bit. the top 10-15 in the country.
9:59 pm
the three techniques, the player of the year in the conference offensively. they really efficient. a third year quarterback. >> only given up 13 sacks which is something for me as a d lineman that i want to increase that number. so hold their running game because that is something that they are good at. and then be able to get prohe sure on the quarterback for us to be able to make plays and just shut down the offense. >> western kentucky and central michigan squared off in the little caesars bowl. before you can see pizza, pizza, the chippewas ryan radcliff finds nori and he goes all the way for a touchdown. western kentucky which was making its first ever bowl appearance answers with a trick play. the lateral back to jakes who has rico brown open downfield. western kentucky could have kicked a tying field goal but instead went for it on fourth and two.


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